HCA Gulf Coast
September 16, 2016

When Germaine DeHoyos married her husband David in March 2015, she found herself in a blended family of six children and one granddaughter. She also got a bigger family: the United States military, thanks to her husband’s 24-year career with the Army and Army Reserves.

“As a newly inducted member and spouse into a military family, I have learned firsthand the dedication and love needed to be a part of this honorable way of life,” DeHoyos says. “Our military, their spouses and families deserve all our support and appreciation. Throughout our courtship I began to gain insight into what it takes to serve as he does. Not only does it take his dedication and sacri ce but also that of those closest to him.”

As an HCA nurse recruiter for the North and West Florida divisions, DeHoyos says she now is always on the lookout for retired service members, because she knows the many skill sets they have learned during their time in service.

“As a human resources professional I was interested to see that the work/life balance most employees in the private sector strive for is, unexpectedly, a solid part of the fabric of family military life,” she says. “I now have the unique opportunity to be an impactful influencer in linking our military-trained professionals with key caregiver roles in our HCA facilities. I have learned all I can about their education and the experiences they are exposed to in their training and have been taken aback by the unparalleled education, training and experience these soldiers obtain as part of our military forces.”

Now the recruiting team is working on initiatives to assist military veterans and active duty men, women and their spouses as they transition to civilian life and explore jobs in healthcare, she says.

“I not only keep an eye out for retired service members, but actively seek out opportunities for active-duty reservists, as well as spouses of active-duty and active-duty reservist military personnel,” DeHoyos explains. “All of them often have a hard time securing employment. As a First Sergeant’s wife for an Army Reserves Medic Unit, I can go to the company and reach out in the community, speaking to these men and women to help them nd a place with HCA.”

“Our goal is to ensure that we find a place with our teams for these extraordinary people,” she continues. “We want to be a part of honoring them and being there for them when they transition into private-sector jobs.”