HCA Gulf Coast
July 29, 2022

The American Heart Association presents Mission: Lifeline awards for proven dedication to best practices and life-saving care

Tomball, TX — HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball has received two American Heart Association Mission: Lifeline awards for demonstrating a commitment to following up-to-date, research-based guidelines for the treatment of heart attack and heart disease ultimately leading to more lives saved, and shorter recovery times and fewer readmissions to the hospital.

Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a stroke or heart attack, and heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 and No. 5 causes of death in the United States, respectively. Studies show patients can recover better when providers consistently follow treatment guidelines.

Mission: Lifeline put the expertise of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association to work for hospitals nationwide, helping ensure patient care is aligned with the latest evidence- and research-based guidelines. As a participant in the Mission: Lifeline program, HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball qualified for the award by demonstrating how their organization has committed to improving quality care.

“HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball is committed to improving care by adhering to the latest treatment guidelines and streamlining processes to ensure timely and proper care for heart attacks and strokes,” states Robert Marmerstein, chief executive officer. “The Mission: Lifeline program allows our teams to put proven knowledge and guidelines to work on a daily basis, which helps us ensure more people in the Tomball area experience longer, healthier lives.”

This year, HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball received these achievement awards:

  • Mission: Lifeline Stemi Receiving Gold Plus
  • Mission: Lifeline Regional Award