HCA Gulf Coast
August 14, 2023

HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest Hybrid Operating Room

Houston, TX - HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest is committed to growing to meet the needs of our developing community. The hospital recently started an expansion project, including women’s services, surgical services and additional parking. “As northwest Houston continues to experience exponential growth, it is our commitment to meet the evolving needs of our community. By expanding our healthcare services, we aim to provide accessible, high-quality care that prioritizes the patient experience. These strategic expansions will enhance our capabilities and foster a stronger bond with those in need of our services. Together, we will build a healthier future for our community,” HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest CEO Scott Davis said.       

Women’s Services Expansion – expected completion in Q4 of 2024

  • NICU expansion – A 24-bed NICU will feature nine rooms, 15 bays and an isolation room.
  • Labor and Delivery renovations - Four labor and delivery rooms will be built in the existing recovery and waiting rooms, including one ADA-accessible room. The labor and delivery hall corridor will also undergo a vast renovation.
  • Additional cesarean section room – The existing waiting room will expand, yielding a cesarean section room, a recovery room with three recovery bays, a nurse’s station, a patient restroom and a new workroom and storage space.
  • Well-Baby Nursery – The well-baby nursery will grow to accommodate up to 15 bassinets. Renovations will create a unified look in the ‘continuing care’ nursery.

Operating Room Expansion – expected completion of August 2023

  • Hybrid OR expansion includes a room dedicated to cardiovascular, electrophysiology and surgical procedures with advanced imaging. It also consists of a room for neurosurgery/general procedures. Each will have a space for anesthesia.
  • Outpatient OR renovation – Five outpatient operating rooms were recently upgraded with new medical equipment, including enhanced lighting, surgical tables and operational and aesthetic upgrades.

Parking – expected completion in Q3 of 2023

  • New surface parking lot – A new parking lot has been added on St. Edwards Lane just off FM 1960. Previously a vacated strip center, the hospital purchased the property to create patient parking with more than 100 spaces, including four time-automated electric car charging stations.

True to our mission and values, HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest remains committed to the care and improvement of human life and looks forward to these expansions and renovations to meet the community’s growing needs.